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Chiropractors manage problems that arise from joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Chiropractors are qualifed University graduates who have fantastic knowledge about the human body, neurology, biomechanics, physiology and injury treatment. If you’ve visited a Chiropractor before you may have noticed that not all Chiropractors are the same.

Balanced Healthcare is proud to be recognized as a truly professional, experienced and multi-disciplines clinic. We continue to provide our many clients with an array of treatment styles so we can best cater for the local community.

Dr Amanda and Dr Renee have special interest in looking after pregnancy (Pre and Post) and Children of all ages

Dr Amanda has a 3yr post gradute Diplomate in Chiropracitc Paediatrics.

Dr Renee has extensive hands experience over  many years helping Children of all ages with many different musculosketetal coniditons and helping Pregnant  through out their pregnancy and beyond.

Techniques that can be used in chiropractic treatment may include:

Manual Chiropractic joint manipulative therapy (Diversified )

Activator methods.

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT).

Extremity adjusting.

Cranio Sacral Technique

Drop Piece Table

Chiro for kids

The practice of paediatrics within the chiropractic profession is based on the principle that children are unique individuals undergoing the process of human development and not merely ‘little adults’. Care should be provided by practitioners who have extensive hands-on experience and knowledge of how children’s systems differ from adults. All chiropractic practitioners who choose to work with babies and small children should be extensively trained in normal growth and development plus have established expertise in the different paediatric conditions that commonly present. In this practice we have Dr Amanda Boyd and Dr Emily Siegert.

A paediatric chiropractor is a clinician capable of delivering gentle chiropractic care to a child, observing at all times the clinical parameters which would require that child to be referred to other health professionals where necessary.

Dr Amanda Boyd:

Dr Amanda Boyd has a special interest in treating infants and children’s musculoskeletal conditions.
She graduated from RMIT University in 2000 and has since completed 3 years of Postgraduate training to receive a Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic and Paediatrics (DICCP)

Amanda regularly receives referrals for babies and young children from other health professionals who recognise her training and expertise in the field of chiropractic paediatrics. This includes referrals from paediatricians, medical doctors, maternal health nurses as well as midwives.

Some musculoskeletal conditions treated by chiropractors:



Lower back pain

Neck Pain


Piriformis syndrome


Chiro for pregnancy

Dr Amanda Boyd, Chiropractor has a passion and interest in pregnancy-related Musculoskeletal conditions during pregnancy.

Amanda has over 18yrs each experience in treating pregnancy-related issues.

Amanda has completed a 3yr postgraduate training related in Musculoskeletal pregnancy issues.

Dr Renee Fleming-White has extensive hands on experience in  pregnancy chiropractic care and is passionate about helping  patients through this period.

It has been reported that approximately 50% of all pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy and 50% to 75 % of women experience back pain during labour.

Chiropractic evaluation and treatment during pregnancy may be considered a safe and effective means of treating common musculoskeletal symptoms that affect pregnant patients.

Causes of lower back pain – Changing load distributions within the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints.

Musculoskeletal Conditions in Pregnancy:


Lower back pain

Thoracic pain

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