Kinesiology is a non-invasive method that uses gentle muscle feedback and body awareness to promote health and well-being. It can help you to reduce stress and pain, improve your performance at school, work, sport and in relationships.

Kinesiology began with chiropractors in the 1960’s, who combined their knowledge with techniques from Chinese Medicine and other natural therapies to create a self-help program for their patients.

Muscle testing is the essential tool which Kinesiologists rely on. The muscle will either hold easily when tested with a light pressure or give way, providing information about the muscle and its related meridian energy.

A range of natural approaches are used to correct the imbalances found – including personal goal setting, emotional stress release, techniques to address muscle imbalance, coordination and posture. Exercises for enhancing learning and performance, balancing the chakra system and using flower essences are more examples of the ways a kinesiologist will balance your energy system.

The principles of Kinesiology are based on the traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy of supporting an ongoing state of wellness rather than being motivated to address issues only when we are unwell. You may be given advice or self-help techniques to follow up at home.  

What to expect?

First session would be 1¼ hours. Follow up session is 1 hour.

Jane will start by taking your case history; discussing what your issues are, how they’re holding you back and what the priority goal is that you wish to work on for the session. She will then perform a series of muscle tests to assess the energy balance of the muscles, meridians and related organs.

Sessions are performed while you are comfortably lying on a massage table, and you are fully clothed throughout (minus shoes). It is advised to please wear pants or comfortable clothing that you can easily move in (i.e, no skirts or dresses).

During the session, we’ll discuss the main areas of imbalance that your body has shown and the possible connections between your symptoms and issues. She uses a variety of corrections such as: acupressure points (no needles), activating reflex points, chinese meridians, Bach & Australian bush flower essences, essential oils, nutritional guidance, lifestyle discussions and possible home reinforcements.

Kinesiology is a commitment to yourself to make the desired changes that you want to occur and achieve in your life. Jane likes to describe each session as “peeling an onion,” one layer at a time. The more layers you peel and the deeper you go, the more change will occur and the further you will delve into the healing process. The greatest changes will usually occur after a series of sessions.

The team at Balanced Healthcare are dedicated to empowering you and your family to achieve your true health potential.


Our goal is to inspire you to make positive lifestyle choices and to enhance your health and vitality.